Farmington Zumba - Welcome to Shirley & Kim's Zumba Site - Farmington, NM
Our classes are held at The Farmington Recreation Center  (next to Rickett's Park on Fairgrounds), Rocinante High School (located on East 30th Street in Farmington) and we have two 50+ Zumba Gold class held at Bonnie Dallas Senior Center (located at 208 N. Wall in Farmington).  We have a variety of age groups who attend our classes, as well as different fitness levels. Our classes are very fun, stress-free, and inviting.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would love the opportunity to have you attend a class and hopefully get hooked on Zumba, as we have.  We always have new people in class so you'll fit right in!!! We have put the release forms that have to be completed before your first class on the "Printable - Schedules & Forms" page or you may come a few minutes early to your first class to fill out the forms. Hope to see you in a Zumba class soon! 
Zumba Schedule:
Monday - Rocinante High School  6pm-7pm
Wednesday - The Farmington Recreation Center 7pm-8pm
Thursday - Rocinante High School 6pm-7pm
Saturday - The Farmington Recreation Center 10am-11am
*Instructors:  Shirley Murphy and Kim Smith
Zumba Gold Schedule:
Tuesday - **Bonnie Dallas Senior Center 10:30am-11:30am (starting February 26th)
Tuesday - Rocinante High School 7pm-8pm
Thursday - **Bonnie Dallas Senior Center 10:30am-11:30am
Friday - Rocinante High School 6pm-7pm 
*Instructors:  Troy Lynn Thompson (evening classes) & Holly Lybrook (Senior Center classes) 
**Note: Bonnie Dallas Senior Center requires participants be 50+ years of age
1st Class - mention this site and "party for free" for your first class
Per Class - $4.00 @
Regular Punch Cards:
    $30 for 10 classes  ($3.00 @)
    $50 for 20 classes  ($2.50 @)
    $75 for 34 classes  ($2.20 @)
*Regular Punch cards work at all Zumba and Zumba Gold classes and can be shared
50+ Zumba Gold Cost:
     Individual classes for 50+ Zumba Gold are just $3.00 per class
50+Zumba Gold Punch Cards:
$25 for 10 classes ($2.50 @)
     - This card is ONLY for Zumba Gold and for those 50+ years of age -
>50+ costs listed are for those participants who are 50 years of age or old<
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